A comprehensive off-plan project marketing company.

LYST is a full-service, residential project marketing company. We facilitate end-to-end project development marketing, campaign implementation, lead generation and sales co-ordination. 

Launch strategy


We co-ordinate and implement a comprehensive launch strategy alongside all relevant professionals and clients.

Web development


We facilitate the end-to-end, in-house development of your project website. Fully integrated with our overall marketing and sales strategy.

Database marketing

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With access to a pre-qualified, investor database - we have the necessary network to pre-sell your project.

paid media and P.R.


By strategically partnering with industry leaders, we have the ability to offer a comprehensive paid media and public relations solution.

Branding and Design


We facilitate the development and implementation of all branding, design and project related marketing collateral.

Social Media


Our aptitude for social media as a medium through which to convert leads into sales is without peer. We promise to deliver.

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